आनंद डोर: Aanand Dor


Poor Peoples Impacted in 2017

डोर, Dor means rope in Hindi. Aanand foundation’s आनंद डोर, Aanand Dor is a rope of support given to make them self reliant.  खण, “Khun”, a light weight fabric with numerous designs, motifs, and patterns on it, used to stitch blouses in Maharashtra and Karnataka since historical times. With efforts of social workers, this traditionally woven fabric is now widely used to create various household decor and aesthetic items. खण, “Khun” Toran is one such item.

तोरण, Toran is a string with mango leaves and marigold flowers or a string with pieces of   fabric or metal or wood attached at the entrance of the door to welcome Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi with a belief to please her. This, तोरण Toran, is the first things that welcome guests too. So lot of importance is given to तोरण Torans. To weave the golden threads of happiness into the web of life, we decided to undertake a project of women empowerment for women artisans, in which various lessons were imparted to create beautiful तोरण, Torans out of Khun fabric and other useful and aesthetically sought after items of Khun, like Dupattas, table runners, pillow covers etc.  This helps not only to make these homemakers independent but also promote the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra and India.

आनंद वाटा: Aanand Vaata

वाटा, Vaata mean Paths. In our endeavour of creating happy communities, we @Aanand foundation, came across many people in the rural areas of Maharashtra, especially women, who never happened to step out of four walls of their houses, nor they got any opportunity to earn their livelihood and thus had no financial independence. In an effort to create self reliant community by providing them with employability/vocational skills and resource support, we conceived various projects for people, who have been deprived of desirable opportunities. Thus we decided to make them independent by showing them various Paths of happiness (आनंद वाटा, Aanand Vaata).

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Aanand Grooming


Poor Peoples Impacted in 2017

Aanand grooming is Aanand foundation’s another initiative wherein training with respect to facing interview panels, English speaking and other self presentation details will be imparted to bright students from rural areas who aspire to crack civil services and other competitive examinations. To serve as a civil servant is a dream of many young minds coming from even the remote corners of the state. But they don’t know where to start, how to start and what it requires to achieve this goal. During our regular visits to rural areas, we sensed this need for guidance to crack these competitive exams. We are confident that this initiative would equip these students to prepare for these examinations and help them succeed.

आनंद शिवार: Aanand Shivaar

It’s the time of dusk settling down and night creeping in and you happen to get a sight of wandering herd of buffaloes returning from the fields, a group of brightly clad women balancing water gourds on their heads, children playing on the kacchha road with a broken cycle tyre, village elders sitting at the Chavdi, चावडी (a common meeting place) , discussing day’s events. This is a typical sight of any country side of India or Maharashtra.  Do you want to witness it? Then be a part of Aanand foundation’s rustic tour of pure rural joy i.e. आनंद शिवार.

शिवार, Shivaar means field. आनंद शिवार is Aanand foundation’s next tour in making to give urban people glimpses of real India, the countryside.

As a part of it, avid travellers will get an opportunity to experience the flavour of village life. This will not only give visitors rare insight into the villager’s way life and an opportunity to interact with them but also will provide villagers with much needed additional source of income.  Do you want to be a part of it? Then write to us on  contact.aanandfoundation@gmail.com so that we will keep you posted on the developments of the same. So start dreaming about your आनंद शिवार tour.