Our Team

The backbone of Anand Foundation Let's take a moment to acknowledge the people, whose blood, sweat and tears went into the work of Anand Foundation.

Apurva Vaidya

Apurva Vaidya is the founder and President of Anand Foundation.  Having worked as a professor in  a media college & as a content writer for a well known NGO , she has a vast experience of meeting people, especially from remote rural areas. During her journey of great people interactions, she sensed the need to bring happiness in people’s lives just by small acts like giving them a glance of city life and thus bringing smiles on their faces. Thus came into existence the idea of “Anand Tours” for the underprivileged. 

Mahesh Savale

Mahesh Savale is one of the founders of Anand Foundation who has helped in the expansion of the concept of Anand tours ,to a greater extent. He is a professor in a media college in Mumbai. Being a passionate traveller himself ,he is aware of many less explored places in Mumbai and thus happily shoulder the responsibility of being a tour guide on many of Anand Foundation’s tours . Being friendly by nature and with his natural PR abilities he makes all the rural people comfortable during the tours and thus help them enjoy Anand tours.

Yashali Kothare

Yashali Kothare the youngest but the strongest pillar of the team,takes care of a very crucial department of our foundation and that is accounting. Filing the documents, applying for the certificate and other routine office jobs are seamlessly taken care of by her. Yashali being a “Pucca Mumbaikar” also helps us out even on our Mumbai tours.

Uddhav Deshmukh

Uddhav Deshmukh  with his great finance and accounting skills becomes the natural choice as a treasurer of Anand Foundation. From his busy schedule of managing the business of electronic appliances along with his job in Nashik,he enthusiastically takes part in many activities of Anand Foundation. Major chunk of fundraising from Nasik is the result of his efforts.

Anamika Gupte

Anamika Gupte is also one of the founder members of Anand Foundation. She is a physiotherapist by profession in  Mumbai. She is very enthusiastic and is always available to do anything for the foundation.Through her profession she comes across many people who have an urge to help people. She takes very serious efforts to collect funds for the foundation. She is the strongest pillar of our other project ‘Anand Dor’.

Pravin Pagare

Pravin Pagare is a filmmaker and a videographer for the last 20 years. Expert in his area of work, he is actually an eye of Anand Foundation, as through his video our patrons actually get to know about the work of Anand Foundation.He also has an extensive experience of working with tribal and underprivileged people through various NGOs.

Yogini Shirke

Yogini Gupte Shirke another founder member of Anand Foundation,has been with the foundation from day one. She has been working with an advertising firm in Pune for the last 10 years. She looks after the designing and website development part of the foundation.

Tejas Shinde

Tejas Shinde is a media College Graduate from Mumbai.and has worked in the same field with renowned clients like Bengaluru Bulls and Yahoo Cricket. Being a young & enthusiastic face of Anand Foundation and a media expert, the social media department of Anand foundation is single handedly, effiocienly looked after by him.

Umesh Kudale

Umesh Kudale is another accounts person of our team. He is also a commerce graduate and helps the team in accounting works. He is also the helping hand in each and every minute thing required at the time of the tours. He is very good at helping people. The journey of Anand  Foundation is incomplete without all these our friends.He also belongs to our accounts team Helpful by nature he works on many other aspects of Anand foundation’s work.

Aditya Ghonge

Aditya Ghonge  the backbone of Anand Foundation,though from commerce background,is a photographer by profession. He is very good at interacting. which is proved when he goes to the native places of our tour participants and establishes a very good rapport with them. His skills of making them comfortable proves fruitful when he clicks the candid pictures of the happy faces of our tour participants.